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reel vision: big screen contest

Welcome to Reel Vision: Big Screen Contest, an exciting platform hosted by the Columbus Film, Author & Photography Festival, open to students and artists of all levels.

At Reel Vision, we believe that every aspiring filmmaker deserves a chance to shine and their films to be released on big screen. That’s why we’ve created a unique opportunity for budding talents to showcase their creativity and passion for storytelling on a big screen.

This contest is open to middle and high school students, college film societies, and budding filmmakers from all backgrounds. Your journey in filmmaking and making a Reel entry in the industry starts at Reel Vision, which is the perfect platform to share your vision with the world.

We are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive community where filmmakers can connect, learn, and grow together. Through our contest, participants have the chance to receive recognition for their work, gain exposure to industry professionals, and take their filmmaking career to new heights.

At Reel Vision, we believe that passion and creativity know no bounds. Whether you’re filming with a professional camera or a mobile phone, what truly matters is the impact your up to 30 minutes story has on the Columbus FAP audience and judges.

What sets Reel Vision apart is our commitment to recognizing and rewarding talent. Winners not only receive cash prizes but also have the chance to see their films released in Columbus FAP Festival screenings. Additionally, they will be honored at the renowned Columbus FAP Festival Awards ceremony in Columbus, OH, where industry professionals and film enthusiasts come together to celebrate excellence in cinema.

Join us on this incredible journey and let your creativity shine.

Contests will take place Saturday, July 27th, Saturday, August 31st and September 28th.

Location: Accelerated 4001 Refugee Road, Columbus 43232


Register yourself now and Welcome to the spotlight!

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